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Download Rollout Task

Download Rollout Task


This task is similar to the standard Bamboo Download Artifactopen in new window task. The only difference is that this Download Rollout Task can handle a situation where there is no rollout available. For example, for a given release, there may not be WM components or no REFS components.

Task Type

This task can be used in both build plans and deployment projects.

Download Rollout Task
Download Rollout Task

Task Screen

Download Rollout Task
Download Rollout Task
FieldDescriptionSample Data
DescriptionDescription for this task.Download WM Rollout
Disable this taskTo temporarily disable the task
Add condition to taskAdd a condition to this task. More details hereopen in new window
Artifact NameSelect the artifact from the build plan that we want to download in this job. If we are installing the WM rollout, we want to download the WM Rollout for exampleWM Rollout
Destination PathLocation that artifacts will be downloaded to, relative to the working directory. This is internal to Bamboo to separate different artifacts.WMRolloutDepl
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