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This Bambooopen in new window plugin can package and deploy software and configuration changes for Blue Yonder WMS (formerly known as JDA WMS systems). These installation packages are usually called 'rollouts'.

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Bambooopen in new window is a powerfull continuous celivery and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tool from Atlassianopen in new window which fully integrates with Jiraopen in new window, Bitbucketopen in new window, GitHubopen in new window and Confluenceopen in new window. Because of the unique way the Blue Yonder WMS builds and installs customizations in rollouts, the standard Jira and Bamboo do not support these rollouts. The Bamboo Rollout Manager unlocks all these Bamboo features for Blue Yonder WMS projects:

Save time for developers, project leaders and system administrators

When using Bamboo with the Bamboo Rollout Manager, developers, project leaders and system administrators will save countless hours of manual work. This is because the plugin takes over all the tedious manual work that comes with packaging and deploying WMS rollouts.

Better communication with stakeholders

Testing teams, Production Operations, IT and other parties need to be informed or consulted before we can deploy a release. With release notes, deployment schedules and approval processes in Jira, we can communicate with stakeholders in an organized manner. All documents and processes can be made visible within Bamboo, Jira or Confluence.

Avoid mistakes in creating and deploying rollouts

Manual packaging and deployment of rollouts can get complicated. Both because the number of changed files can be large and the number of environments to deploy to can get big. It is hard to keep track of all the moving parts and mistakes are likely to happen, causing more time to redo things, or worse, cause production downtime.

With the Bamboo Rollout Manager installed, we let the Bamboo system take care of these complications and avoid user errors.

Build and deploy with ease and control

Once the code changes are committed in Git with a reference to a Jira issue, Building a rollout is a matter of clicking a few buttons. No more entering commands or manually selecting files for a rollout.

For deployments in Test, Production, Archive and other environments, we can start a deployment sequence with a click of a button, or we can schedule it for a later time. Once the deployment starts, it can stop the right Blue Yonder WMS environments, install the rollout and start the environments back up again. Notifications are send when the deployments are complete, including links to log files. Especially for deployments during off-hours, this is a valuable time saver.

Know what is installed where at all times

No more spreadsheets or other manual tools. See exactly what rollout is installed where and when, including all installation logs. With an automated tool to do the deployments, we also keep our less popular environments in sync with the latest changes. For example, an archive environment or training environment are often skipped when installing rollouts in production. When we automate the deployments, we can keep all environments in sync without any extra effort.

Complete traceability

Because Bamboo is tightly integrated with Jira and a version control system (e.g. Bitbucket or GitHub), we can trace back each deployment to the exact build and from there all the Jira issues and code changes in that deployment. Or the other way around, if we wonder when a certain Jira issue fix was installed, we can go from the Jira issue to all the places where that fix was installed. This helps in troubleshooting issues that might have started after a specific deployment for example.

Build a rollout for each version in Jira.

Each version in Jiraopen in new window will create a rollout in Bamboo. When releasing a version in Jira, it automatically starts the build of one or more rollouts in Bamboo. Organizing Jira issues in Jira versions is a great way to manage releases. We can link versions to sprints so all developers know what is going in what release and when.

Supports REFS, WM, EMS and other environments

The Bamboo Rollout Manager supports building all WM related files as well as building REFS installation packages. The REFS installation packages have the same architecture as the Blue Yonder WMS REFS hotfix packages.

Supports clustered environments

For clustered environments with multiple application servers and one database, we want to skip installing changes to the database once one of the clustered environments has loaded these changes. Together with some customizations to the script, the Bamboo Rollout Manager supports these scenarios.

Supports stopping and starting server environments

Before we install rollouts, we want to stop the Blue Yonder WMS environment. Once we have installed the rollout, we want to start up the environment as well. The Bamboo Rollout Manager supports stopping and starting the local and remote environments for a fully automated deployment process.

Works with Git based repositories and Atlassians products Jira, Confluence and Bamboo

The Bamboo Rollout Manager works with a Git based repository like BitBucket and GitHub. It is tightly integrated with Jira to link all the Jira releases and Jira issues. And Jira in turn is tightly integrated with Confluence, for example to create release notes and test plans. The installation tasks and server stop-and-start tasks are written for Windows environments.

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