What does this plugin do?

This Bamboo (opens new window) plugin can package and deploy software and configuration changes for Blue Yonder WMS systems (formerly known as JDA WMS systems).

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Unlock the features of Bamboo for Blue Yonder WMS projects

Bamboo (opens new window) is a powerfull Continuous Delivery and Deployment tool from Atlassian (opens new window) which fully integrates with Jira (opens new window), Bitbucket (opens new window) and Confluence (opens new window). The Bamboo Rollout Manager unlocks all these features for Blue Yonder WMS projects:

  • Enable true release management, from Planning and Design to Deployment and support in Production environments.
  • Handle small and large code and configuration changes with ease and confidence.
  • Enable use of Agile methods because of the controlled and fast track to production.
  • When combined with Cycle Labs (opens new window) automated testing, it triggers the automated testing as part of the build process.

Enable true release management

In Bamboo, we can initiate the creation of a rollout for all Jira Issues linked to a Jira Release. This can be done by simply entering a Jira Release we want to create a rollout for.

Linking a Jira Release to a rollout enables complete linking and tracking of all steps the development cycle. Using Jira in combination with Bitbucket allows for easy linking between code changes and the Jira Issues. With Bamboo we take this a step further where we can see which Jira Issues and code changes are included in a rollout. In addition, we can see exactly where the rollouts are installed. For example, if we want to troubleshoot an issue in production, we can see exactly which rollouts were installed recently, and using just the Bamboo screens we can click back to the code changes and Jira Issues. This allows for quick analysis of what changed exactly and what might be the culprit of a new issue.

Deploy to many Blue Yonder WMS environments with ease and confidence

Each release (i.e. Rollout) is tracked throughout all deployments in Bamboo. Installation of the Rollout in different environments can be done with mouse clicks, scheduled, or triggered based on other events.

The number of Blue Yonder WMS environments in a given company can be daunting. At a minimum, there is the Development, Test, production and Archive environment. Also, there might be other products like EMS and Parcel that might also require a Development and/or Test environment. And that is just for one warehouse. Often times, there are multiple warehouses, each with their own production environment. These other production environments might share the same code base and they might each have different customizations and different versions. The management of these environments can get really complicated if there is no good tool that brings it all together. The Bamboo Rollout Manager plugin can handle complex scenarios with many different environments.

Integrate automated testing

Bamboo is designed to include automated testing phases in a build plan. The most automated testing application for Blue Yonder WMS is Cycle Labs (opens new window).

Running Cycle features can be included in a build plan together with building a rollout and installing it in a Test environment. If Cycle is included in a build plan, the release and testing of a new version is completely automated: after committing the changes to a version control system, the only user action is to click 'Release' for a given Jira Version. After that, the remaining steps are all automated: the rollout building, installation in Test, running the test scripts and finally deployment to production can all be automated.

What's so special about Blue Yonder WMS rollouts

Blue Yonder WMS changes are deployed different than the average Java, .NET or any other mainstream software project. In most traditional software projects, an installation package includes a complete new version of the software. For Blue Yonder WMS changes this is different: rollouts only include incremental changes, often for a small set of components.

In addition, it can include updates to the database and various types of files like reports, label formats and commands.

Besides different types of files, there might be multiple versions committed to the version control system. Picking the right file and the right version for each change can be a challenge. The Bamboo Rollout Manager plugin automates this process, making it faster and taking away the chance for human errors in the process

Features and limitations of the Bamboo Rollout Manager

  • Create different rollouts for different subsets of directories. E.g. Create one rollout for files in 'LES/refs' and another rollout for all other file locations
  • Supports Git and SVN based version control systems
  • supports Page Builder rollouts
  • skip data loading or compiling on specific environments. E.g. Clustered environments need to install code, but only load data in one of the environments. Assumes the use of customized rollout.pl files.
  • control windows services to stop and start environments. As part of a deployment task sequence, stop the WMS locally or remotely, wait for it to stop completely, then start the actual installation of a rollout, then start the environment again
  • no support for Linux environments yet
Last Updated: 5/3/2022, 12:38:19 PM