Legal: Data Security and Privacy Statement

Four Oaks Consulting - Bamboo Rollout Manager


The Bamboo Rollout Manager Plugin is installed on the Customer's own local instance of Bamboo. No data from the customer's installation is transferred to Four Oaks Consulting during or after the installation of the Plugin.

When Bamboo is integrated with JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud, Jira Issue details are transferred between the Bamboo and the Jira instance. This happens anyway, even without the Bamboo Rollout Manager Plugin. This communication has to be done in a secured manner according to instructions found in the Bamboo support documents here (opens new window) and here (opens new window)

Data Storage and Facilities

Four Oaks Consulting software does not store any customers data.

People and Access

Four Oaks Consulting does not have access to customer's Bamboo installations. Bamboo users are authenticated using the Bamboo internal user directory, or a linked LDAP directory. Access from JIRA to Bamboo and vice versa is accomplished with Atlassian Connect OAuth authentication. Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Atllassian login information.

Last Updated: 6/20/2019, 7:16:02 AM