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Bamboo Rollout Manager

Save time and make deployments

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Make Blue Yonder WMS rollouts user friendly and manageble

Save time for developers and system administrators

When using Bamboo with the Bamboo Rollout Manager, developers, project leaders and system administrators will save countless hours of manual work. This is because the plugin takes over all the tedious manual work that comes with packaging and deploying WMS rollouts.

Better communication with stakeholders

Testing teams, Production Operations, IT and other parties need to be informed or consulted before we can deploy a release. With release notes, deployment schedules and approval processes in Jira, we can communicate with stakeholders in an organized manner.

Build and deploy with ease and control

Once the code changes are committed in Git with a reference to a Jira issue, Building a rollout is a matter of clicking a few buttons. No more entering commands or manually selecting files for a rollout.

Know what is installed where at all times

No more spreadsheets or other manual tools. See exactly what rollout is installed where and when, including all installation logs.

Complete traceability

Because Bamboo is tightly integrated with Jira and a version control system (e.g. Bitbucket or GitHub), we can trace back each deployment to the exact build and from there all the Jira issues and code changes in that deployment.

Build a rollout for each version in Jira.

Each version in Jira will create a rollout in Bamboo. When releasing a version in Jira, it automatically starts the build of one or more rollouts in Bamboo.

Supports REFS, WM, EMS and other environments

The Bamboo Rollout Manager supports building all WM related files as well as building REFS installation packages.

Works with Git based repositories and Atlassians products Jira, Confluence and Bamboo

The Bamboo Rollout Manager works with a Git based repository like BitBucket and GitHub. It is tightly integrated with Jira to link all the Jira releases and Jira issues.

Read our documentation

Read our documentation

From a brief introduction to self-guided setup.